“For I was hungry and you gave me something to eat, I was thirsty and you gave me something to drink, I was a stranger and you invited me in…” Matthew 25:35

Social assistance

Social Funds


The Social Fund Program is a networking opportunity launched on national level. We aim to base it on volunteer work to help out the socially disadvantaged in society.


The Social Funding Program is a volunteer-based network launched on national level aiming to reduce social disadvantage. We want to develop intervention-hubs that actively promote social equality for disadvantaged groups.

We aim to continue to equip and support the congregations ’own resources and to support local community initiatives. It is a program of social work, mentoring and community building initiatives.

The starting point of the program is to train mentors. We aim to create a uniform, collaborative support service-system that is easily accessible to the disadvantaged target group. Through this program we are working to help reduce poverty and discrimination.

Social Assistance Hubs

Strengthening social engagement

Mentoring - local church hubs

We provide local congregations with the opportunity to operate as hubs within our Social Assistance Program.

The mentoring program builds a volunteer network of local congregations and communities. This will be the base for carrying out social activities in the given region.

Non perishable food packages

Through this program the local volunteer network distributes non-perishable food donations to disadvantaged families several times a year.

Donation points

A place to exchange quality clothes, bedding, shoes, small furniture and household appliances according to one’s needs.

Baby packages

With the help of our volunteers, we regularly provide baby food, diapers and other baby hygiene products for families with small children.

Crisis relief

Through our volunteers, there is also an opportunity to help the needy in crisis situation, to act immediately depending on the need. This might be such as buying medicine, paying for the utilities, etc. The ones that can benefit from this offer need to fulfill some basic conditions to closely work together with the local social workers, doctors, nurses and teachers.

For more information about this work feel free to contact us.

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