“For I was hungry and you gave me something to eat, I was thirsty and you gave me something to drink, I was a stranger and you invited me in…” Matthew 25:35

Mission abroad

Let us influence each other and our surroundings with the everlasting power charity.

UkraineTransylvania, Romania


We have had a very good relationship and personal contact for years with the local mission leader in Transilvania, László Boldizsár. In the heart of Transilvania, in the counties of Harghita, Brasov and Covasna, we have been supporting the mission activities of the local congregations.

We have had the privilege to visit them several times, to proclaim the gospel, and to take them many gospel-tracts and donations.

A larger project was implemented in 2020, when in Homoród-Karácsonyfalva, with the support of the local government and congregations in Hungary we have been able to help several houses to have indoor running-water.

So far, we have helped the heart of Transilvania with more than 5 tons of clothes and 3 tons of food donations.

United for Transcarpathia, Ukraine

We have developed a very good relationship with a network of 18 fellowships in Transcarpathia.

Together with the Eastern European Mission, we support a missionary couple sent from Hungary to Beregszász.

We bought and renovated a property in Tiszabecs, approx. 500 m away from the border, which currently is being refurbished to function as a temporary refugee center. Also, this facility serves as a warehouse for temporary storing the donations we take regularly into Ukraine.

The following donations are welcomed to help the people of Ukraine.

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