“For I was hungry and you gave me something to eat, I was thirsty and you gave me something to drink, I was a stranger and you invited me in…” Matthew 25:35

Mission locations

Members of different churches in different towns and cities have been praying for Roma communities so that they would have programs that integrate them to society. These programs are greatly needed to lift them up by loving them so their lives would start to change and remain changed for good.



For years, the Charity Mission has organized periodic programs hand-in-hand with local child protection specialists at the Szőlőhegyi Leisure and Sports Center in the middle of the Roma settlement in Kalocsa.

Without the help of the local Pentecostal church and the many volunteers, this service would have not been possible and we are especially grateful to them. In addition to the classic social work, we have helped through the CSÓKA programs the disadvantaged community for years in Kalocsa. This comprehensive help has included elements of community-work, legal aid service and the therapeutic nature of various branches of art.

After completing the EFOP project at the CSÓKA community-space the work has continued on in Kalocsa. We did not stop aiding the local disadvantaged communities and ministering to them. Our staff continues to be active in this disadvantaged neighborhood.

Roma pastoral meetings and church-services

Through the faithful service of our mission’s staff member, Miklós Bálint, we support and build the local disadvantaged community with the help of Roma pastoral counselling, ministry as we are thus continuing the work we have started.


Personal need-aiding

In the Roma neighborhood we have been able to establish very good relationships with local people. This way we are able to offer aid when a specific need is encountered.


Social Assistance

In the surroundings of Kalocsa we have been developing a very good relationship with local authorities therefore offering the aid to the families before the need creates unpredictable consequences.


Charity Garage-Sales

It is a special blessing to be able to organize charity motivated garage-sales. People can bring in donations of goods that are being received and given out to others for a small donation-fee. These events are used not only to collect second-hand goods for the needy, but also to support sustainability, solidarity and mission-funding with the money it is being collected this way.

The charity’s staff regularly organizes these kinds of garage-sales at fairs in several different locations.


Mission location

Mission location-point

In addition to the spiritual needs, we have placed a great emphasis on meeting physical needs at our mission location -points in Hungary. Together with several NGOs, church organizations, and entrepreneurs, we have established the Tiszanana location-point. Here we are involved in church planting, but we are also helping the children, the ladies and disadvantaged families with various support.

In order to reach the people living in and around Tiszana, we have organized several joint-events with the New Life Church, where we helped needy families with donations.

One of the great needs we were able to offer help in was to modernize the electric-system of the church-house.

In this village there is religious education offered to nearly 60 children on an ongoing basis in the church-building, despite to the fact that it is difficult to heat it in the winter. The congregation is mostly made up of disadvantaged families.

Religious education

In this village there is religious education offered to nearly 60 children on an ongoing basis in the church-building, despite to the fact that it is difficult to heat it in the winter. The congregation is mostly made up of disadvantaged families.

Helping at the church-building

In the immediate vicinity of Tiszanana, the price of heating briquettes is a lot higher than normal, therefore we have actively participated in purchasing briquettes for the heating of the building.

Gospel camps – Tiszanána

In addition to the ongoing religious educations classes at the school we have organized gospel camps as well, which play an important role in educating children about the Lord Jesus Christ. With the help of volunteers, it is a great blessing to organize these camps. Many children participate in them every year where they can get involved in exiting activities, but also hear gospel messages. The camps provide a special opportunity to make new friends and to serve them, building them up spiritually.


The principle of all faith camps is not only to have a great time, but also to get to know the message of the Bible, to know God better. The 2021 theme for the camp was built on Matthew 6:21: “For where your treasure is, there will your heart be also.”
In 2022 the summer gospel-camps will be organized for the third time thanks to the cooperation between the Hungarian Pentecostal Charity Service and the New Life Church in Tiszanana. We hope and plan to continue the work we have begun.

Woman’s ministry in Tiszanana

Many girls from disadvantaged areas sadly skip school too often due to hygiene deficiencies, and some even experience mental health problems due to it.

Families do not have money for female health products, so it often happens that girls use rags, paper or cotton on the so-called harder days, which results in young people suffering from a lack of self-confidence and exclusion.

Our staff and volunteers put together hygiene packages from the incoming donations and delivered them to ladies in need at a joint evangelism event that was organized together with the Pentecostal Women’s Mission. We consider these events, initiatives and donations to be particularly important in disadvantaged areas.

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